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We have tailor-made this international edition with a different OS that better
fits the global users’ habit, also comes with built-in Alexa, and not to mention we are offering free shipping.

Everything is the same except the main difference is the customized OS that is designed to fit the global users habit. We have also replaced the Chinese voice command
feature (天猫精灵) in the China edition with a built-in Alexa.

You may pair the projector with the JMGO App (make sure both your smartphone and projector are connected to the same network). Then activate the Image Flattening function to flatten the edges.  

No. JMGO O1 has a Wall Color Calibration function that automatically detects the wall color and adjusts the image accordingly. 

Yes, search in App Store for popular streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Alternatively, you can connect a TV stick (eg. Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku) to product via HDMI. 

Yes, you may. Be sure you are positioning the O1 Series upside down and set the projection mode to “Front Ceiling.” 

After-sales services

【Undamaged or faulty/defective products】may be returned for a full refund for any
reason within days of the date the item was delivered to the designated shipping address.
Please contact for detailed guidance and requirements of return. Once the returned item arrives back in the JMGO warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.  

JMGO will accept product returns for the following defects: 


Defects Projector body 

Functions do not work as described in the user manual 

The projector won't power up/off 

Keys/buttons not working 

No audio sound, or audio plays only on one side 

Optical engine 

No lights from the projector lens 

Power adapter 

Power adapter not working 

USB port 

USB driver not recognized 


JMGO offers a【1】year of international warranty from the Date of Delivery. 

We have overseas warehouses in the United States, Germany, Canada, and the United
Kingdom. If you have issues with our product within the warranty period and can
not solve it remotely, once confirmed with the after sales team(, you can directly return to our local warehouse for a new machine.

JMGO will cover the shipping cost for USA region customers who are under warranty. For other countries customer, JMGO will only cover the part we send back to you.

We provide paid maintenance services if customer have one of the following cases: 

(1) The warranty period has expired; 

(2) Customer cannot provide the product valid warranty certificate (proof of
purchase and valid invoice, except those that can be proved to be within the
warranty period);

(3) The information on the certificate is altered, or inconsistent with the product
physical object;

(4) Damage caused by failure to use in accordance with the requirements of the user

(5) Failure or damage caused by disassembly, repair, alteration from non-authorized
agency of JMGO;

(6) Liquid damage; 

(7) In addition to the main parts listed above, the auxiliary parts and other parts
of the equipment are malfunctioning;

(8) Damage caused by force majeure.  


O1 Seres is a LED projector.  

JMGO O1 series will come with 2*USB, 2*HDMI, 1*Optical and 1*Lan ports.  

It's 27dB(A), which means it will generate 27dB under the circumstance of 25°C and
the noise level is tested 1 meter away.

According to the estimation of chipset and operating temperature, the lifespan of the O1
Series can be effectively extended to 45,000 hours

Real 4K, 100’’ Cinema Experience, 3600 Lumens, 3D, Dynaudio, Rubidium Magnetic Speaker, Built-in Luna OS  

U2 is a laser projector.  

U2 will come with 1 way USB3.0, 1 way USB 2.0 (1 way side out), built-in 1 way USB
for external camera and 2 Way HDMI 2.0(1 way HDMI supports ARC return).

It's below 28dB, which means it will generate below 28dB under the circumstance of
25°C and the noise level is tested 1 meter away. The Acoustics system is also
proudly co-created with Dynaudio.

It can last for a relatively longer period than traditional lamp projectors, up
to 50,000 hours.

Equipped with 15w*2+10w*2 strong rubidium magnetic speakers, 2.4cc large sound
cavity, JMGO U2 adds powerful audio. Co-created with the pioneering
manufacturer of loudspeakers - DYNAUDIO, JMGO U2 delivers rich, immersive, and
true-to-life sound that has earned dual certification both from Dolby and DTS.

Yes, O1 has a Low Latency Mode which significantly reduces input lag for gaming. The input lag is below 30ms. 


We recommend users to purchase a TV stick (i.e Fire Stick and Roku) to stream their favourite shows from various platforms.

You don’t need a screen for projection as long as you have a wide enough blank wall
that enables you to project up to 80-100” will be the most optimized screen

Yes, you may, but be sure you are positioning the O1 Series upside down to ensure
the correct projection.

The key criteria for the keystone correction to perform perfectly is the wall.
Please ensure your wall is in the most smooth and flat condition for keystone
correction to detect the surface properly.

7 languages so far: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese traditional, Chinese Simplified  

JMGO U2 is more than a laser TV but an important family member. Built in Luna OS
with a borderless design, it is more of a natural fit into your family. Featuring gadgets including music visualizer, bulletin board, weather dashboard, and more, U2 offers you a 24/7 companion with great care.

We recommend users to purchase a TV stick (i.e Fire Stick and Roku) to stream their favourite shows from various platforms.

We suggest using 100 inch ALR screens with the U2

Yes, you may, but be sure you are positioning the U2 upside down to ensure the
correct projection.